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Our law firm in Gliwice assists in effectively resolving all court disputes. Our long-standing experience and excellent knowledge of the law help successfully resolve court cases in favor of our clients. Learn More

Law Firm Gliwice

Lawyers Dryszel-Słomiany & Fojcik & Szafraniec offer professional, comprehensive legal support in inheritance, family, business, civil, and criminal law. They proudly represent their clients in every court trial. Learn More
Scope of Services:
Scope of Services:

Criminal cases, fiscal offenses, misdemeanors, and executive criminal cases

Comprehensive legal support for suspects and the accused. We also represent victims and defend their rights in criminal proceedings, leading to compensation for damages caused by misdemeanors or crimes.

Business cases, debt collection, registration proceedings

We assist in drafting and reviewing commercial contracts and company registration. We advise business clients on choosing the form of business activity and any changes to contracts and statutes. We represent clients in debt collection matters.

Inheritance cases

The law firm provides legal assistance in matters of inheritance acquisition verification, division of inheritance property, and also represents clients as attorneys in matters related to inheritance payments. This comprehensive legal support encompasses both advising on inheritance law and representing clients in court, ensuring their rights and interests are effectively protected throughout the inheritance process.

Real estate

Lawyers Dryszel-Słomiany & Fojcik & Szafraniec assist in drafting agreements and settlements related to the sale or purchase of real estate. They also offer services related to local law, construction law, and joint property ownership issues.

Family law

Legal assistance in cases of divorce, separation, property division, and parental authority. We represent clients in court and also assist in pre-litigation procedures as well as after the verdict has been announced.

Cases concerning social insurance

The law firm advocates for clients' rights in matters related to pensions and disability benefits. They represent insured individuals and employers in all disputes with the Social Insurance Institution.

About the Firm - Gliwice

The Law Firm Dryszel-Słomiany & Szafraniec & Fojcik offers comprehensive support from experienced lawyers in areas such as property division, inheritance, dissolution of joint ownership, criminal cases, and debt collection. They also provide full legal services for companies, debtor protection, and assistance with applications for financial aid under the so-called "anti-crisis shield" to protect employment. This firm aims to address a wide range of legal needs for individuals and businesses alike.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a visit cost?

Due to the individual approach to each client and each case, it is not possible to provide a fixed price list. We can guarantee that the law firm offers the highest quality services at a price accessible to everyone.

Does the law firm handle inheritance cases?

Our law firm in Gliwice has extensive experience in inheritance cases. For many years, we have been assisting in matters related to estate division, inheritance share, and representing our clients in court.

Does the law firm in Gliwice take on cases in insurance disputes?

We provide services in the field of insurance law. We always negotiate with the insurance company to avoid unnecessary court disputes. As a last resort, we contact the financial ombudsman - insured parties and lead to the resolution of the dispute.

What services are included in the offer for businesses?

We offer a wide range of services for businesses. Business clients can rely on our comprehensive legal support, which includes assistance in corporate law, business law, legal audits, M&A transactions, as well as advice in bankruptcy law and restructuring.

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