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Lawyers Dominika Dryszel-Słomiany, Paweł Fojcik, and Leszek Szafraniec offer legal assistance provided on a one-time basis as well as ongoing legal support.

One-time assignment. This form of legal assistance may involve providing legal advice, preparing procedural documents, legal opinions, or representing the client in court or before administrative authorities.

The remuneration of the lawyer is determined, on one hand, by the provisions of the law, namely the Regulation of the Minister of Justice of September 28, 2002, regarding fees for legal services and the bearing of costs for unpaid legal assistance by the State Treasury, and on the other hand, by the nature of the case, its complexity, and the anticipated workload of the lawyer in Gliwice, and is always agreed upon individually with the client.

Ongoing legal support. Lawyers provide ongoing legal support for entrepreneurs and other entities whose activities require legal services to a greater extent (e.g., companies, foundations, associations).

This form of collaboration involves providing legal assistance at the entrepreneur's headquarters or at another location indicated by the client, as well as at the law firm's office. It includes drafting document drafts, legal opinions, contract analysis, participation in negotiations, as well as representation before courts and public administration bodies.

The remuneration of the lawyer for ongoing legal support is individually agreed upon with the client. It can take the form of a flat fee or an hourly rate for the lawyer's work.
The flat fee is paid monthly, and its amount is fixed and independent of the lawyer's workload.
The hourly rate is the product of the hourly rate for the lawyer's work, individually agreed upon with the client, and the number of hours of work necessary for the proper execution of the assigned task.

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