Family law - divorce, property division, alimony in Gliwice

The lawyers provide legal assistance in the field of family and property law, especially in cases of DIVORCE, SEPARATION, DIVISION OF MARITAL / COHABITATION PROPERTY, in matters of PARENTAL AUTHORITY, establishing CONTACTS, ALIMONY. The lawyers have experience in handling cross-border cases. They represent clients residing abroad in family matters.

We advise and represent clients also at the pre-trial stage, assisting in negotiating settlement terms (for example, in alimony cases, in matters concerning visitation rights).

In the event of a lack of agreement, we represent clients in court. In judicial proceedings, the lawyer provides not only legal expertise but also discretion and loyalty. Regardless of the circumstances of the case, the lawyer always stands by their client's side and makes every effort to protect their interests to the fullest extent. It's worth trusting the lawyer's knowledge. It's worth contacting a lawyer who will analyze the circumstances of your case and help you prepare adequately for judicial proceedings.

At the first meeting, the lawyer will explain to you how the divorce procedure or, for example, the procedure for claiming alimony looks like. After familiarizing themselves with the circumstances of the case, the lawyer will develop a further course of action. It is worth considering whether there is still time to negotiate with the other party to settle important issues related to divorce, such as custody of children, alimony, contacts, and property division.

Filing a lawsuit with the court requires preparing documents and requesting evidence. Evidence forms the factual basis for the court's decision in your case.

Conducting evidence during the trial, especially the examination of witnesses or obtaining opinions from psychologists, requires procedural experience, which the parties involved in the divorce case usually do not possess. Therefore, you should consider the involvement of your lawyer in your case even more.

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