Criminal cases, fiscal offenses, misdemeanors, and executive criminal cases in Gliwice

Lawyer Dominika Dryszel-Słomiany and Lawyers Paweł Fojcik and Leszek Szafraniec specialize in the defense of individuals suspected or accused of crimes, including fiscal offenses and misdemeanors. Additionally, their law firm represents clients in executive criminal cases, focusing on the issues and petitions of convicted individuals after the sentencing verdict becomes final.

The law firm also represents victims of crimes, assisting them in claiming their rights in criminal proceedings, including obtaining restitution, compensation, or satisfaction due for damages and injuries caused by the crime.

Lawyers handle cases particularly in the areas of:

  • Traffic-related cases, including collisions and accidents, driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other intoxicants, and matters involving the suspension of driving licenses or other driving privileges,
  • Cases involving crimes against life and health, such as fights, beatings, abuse, and causing bodily harm,/li>
  • Cases of fiscal offenses and crimes against economic trade and document integrity – including forgery or counterfeiting of documents, fraud and embezzlement cases, tax audits, and the misappropriation of public aid funds,
  • Cases within the scope of executive criminal law,/li>
  • Cases involving the serving of prison sentences under electronic surveillance,
  • Cases concerning the postponement or interruption of serving a sentence,
  • Cases about conditional early release from serving a prison sentence,
  • Cases about deferring or spreading the payment of a fine over installments,
  • Cases concerning the conversion of fines or restrictions of liberty into alternative prison sentences,
  • Cases regarding the revocation of conditional release and the ordering of imprisonment due to the convicted person's failure to comply with trial period obligations (with conditional suspension of serving a prison sentence),
  • Cases of individuals wanted under an arrest warrant or a European Arrest Warrant.

Services provided by lawyers include, among others:

  • Providing legal advice and consultation regarding procedural tactics, both before and after the initiation of criminal proceedings,
  • The service includes acting as legal defense for the accused or suspect, and representing victims, private or subsidiary accusers throughout both the preparatory proceedings conducted by the Police or Prosecutor's Office and the court proceedings after the indictment, across all instances,
  • Drafting applications and representing convicted individuals in executive criminal proceedings after a verdict becomes final,
  • Legal assistance and representation in the event of detention or temporary arrest, including representation during arrest hearings and filing applications to revoke temporary arrest or to change it to a less severe preventive measure,
  • Drafting legal documents and applications, especially notifications of suspected crime commission,
  • Drafting complaints against decisions and actions taken by law enforcement agencies, drafting appeals, cassations, requests for retrial, etc.,
  • Representing in cases for the issuance of a cumulative sentence.
  • Legal assistance and representation in pardon cases.
  • Representing in cases for compensation and redress for wrongful conviction, detention, or temporary arrest.

Individuals seeking a lawyer in Silesia to handle criminal, fiscal, or misdemeanor cases are invited to contact the Law Office (contact details can be found in the CONTACT tab). The office provides immediate legal assistance in case of detention or temporary arrest.

We ensure complete discretion and confidentiality of information. All information obtained within the scope of defense in criminal cases is subject to absolute defense confidentiality.

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